Sunday, January 23, 2005

drying out

Okay, back again... able to get the supply and get the needle in my arm. Ahh, relief.

I returned from the christmas holidays to L.A. on New Years Eve. The phone was dead due to rain - a reoccuring problem that is supposedly fixed everytime we gripe to the phone company. This time though the rains didn't stop coming. Mudslides, floods, etc. The news of southern California for quite a bit of January. My personal pain - we didn't get the phone line running until Jan 21st!! Can you believe it? 22 days without a landline, internet, fax capabilites!!!
I came to decide upon two things. 1. The phone company needs to get their act together and 2. I don't think Socal would fare so well in a mini-major disaster. huh.

The movie is on PPV now. Started January 1st. So far the feedback has been pretty good.

Of course there are also the people that don't like the movie so much -- and frequently they feel the need to make sure everybody knows their feelings.
There is an interesting inverse curve on the internet in terms of opinions. Youth, brash and convinced it's always correct (I know that between the ages of 12 and 22, I was never wrong and my opinion on movies was at least as good or better and of course more valid then anyone elses)
is the most likely to populate message boards, forums, etc. It makes for quite a skewed sense of reality on many things. I've found myself, as time goes on, having to read between the lines quite a bit more with reviews of pop culture. The writing of a thirteen year old can be mistaken with that of an adult, and therein many a problem can be created.

What to do? I don't know. Maybe google will come up with a filter that filters out by age?
Let's see... if a message uses the word "wuz" instead of was or "u suck", or if allusions to "bit torrent", warez, rulez, etc. are used - that could be a start.

In other "Stefan Avalos" news, I'm formally in the rewrite stage of "Diamond Road". Finally, it's beginning to move. I actually found that using a notepad and pen was a good way to shake the dust out of my head. I guess sometimes a computer is too easy to do nothing with.

Well, with hopes that my DSL stays alive and that the weather stays beautiful, I plan on more blogs. There is that continual promise of mertous writing - maybe this week.

C U l8ter :)