Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Need more Blog Time

Well no, not really… I just need more time in general… always need more time.
If I had more Blogtime, I’d write about –

Descanso Gardens on Valentines Day
Threats of School reunions
The Weather
Discoveries of strange and wonderful art through the stumble upon extension in FireFox.

Perhaps I will delve into some of these thoughts in the near future, but for the moment, I will write about this:

Even though I have good intentions, I’m not much of a do-gooder. There are plenty of people on this planet that do more for it and the things that live on it than I. This includes saving things, restoring things, planting things, building things, feeding things, etc.

I am taking an exception to my unbelievably selfish ways for a cause with which I have become shockingly familiar in the last few years. Namely – MS. No, not an acronym for Microsoft, but rather a bastard of a disease that is incredibly prevalent today. I have several friends afflicted with it and unfortunately know closely of people who’ve died as a result of it.

The long and the short of this blog entry is that I’m part of a “team walk” thang to raise money for MS and I want you to pledge some money.

So there, I’ve said it.

If you’re inclined to actually do something that will give a rush of good feeling – that you’ve done something for your fellow humans -

What do you get for giving some of your hard earned money?
Well, an auto reply thanks, a few emails, maybe a thank you phone call.

Seriously though, you will be helping in a great cause. Really. And you’ll have gotten some special Karma points too.