Saturday, June 06, 2009

Time to make a movie

The updates on this blog have been getting spottier than ever. That's obvious. Time is being fragmented by so many things that it becomes difficult to maintain a routine. With this blog, I make attempts to write more than just brief, unimportant updates as to what I'm doing; Facebook or Twitter, etc. are fine for that. One quick aside about that phenomenon -- why is it essentially the same people that are completely paranoid about the government tapping phones and email are also the same people that update their 'twitbook' every ten minutes? For being concerned with privacy issues, we have very happily put it all out there, haven't we? Hey, I'm obviously one of 'them'. Aside complete.

I have started thinking about the next movie. The past few years have been a series of ups and downs in terms of trying to get another feature off the ground. Like so many other people in this town, I have my stories of, "it almost happened but the deal fell apart." Unlike many in this town, that won't do for me. I have always been rather self sufficient and – as that is a strong suit – I shall, necessarily, put that self sufficiency back to work. I have begun to seriously entertain some revamped ideas about 'the next movie'.

And I do have a seriously cool idea buzzing around. The buzzing goes a little bit like this…

  1. It will no be dissimilar from, The Last Broadcast.
  2. It will be absolutely up to date with every aspect of technology and information dissemination as it exists today.
  3. The future audience of it will be involved as it is being produced; they will be a recursive element in the movie.
  4. It will work online as well as on the big screen; in fact, it will actually originate partially online, before actually becoming a story element.
  5. It will be an extreme action movie.

In accordance with the self-recursive premise of the movie, for the moment I am going to try a full-disclosure idea on what is happening.

Now, that I've laid it out there, I have to make it happen. I've dared myself.

You dare me too.