Saturday, February 26, 2005


Hey, I got jury duty!


I made it through the week, call in, see if they want you. No thanks. Then, on Friday - bang.
I'm not the first person who's made it to Friday, so I wonder if more people aren't selected on Fridays than other days. Anyway, I can't talk/write about it now, but I will when the trial is over. Or when they decide they don't want me.

Meanwhile, today I got a few pictures of the destruction that abounds because of the rains. Actually, that's a bit more dramatic sounding than reality, however, these winter rains have ben a doozy. Certainly, this has been the worst natural event type stuff I've seen. Houses falling off hills, rocks and boulders covering roads... yup. Pretty spectacular.

There is this particular cliff on Glendale Blvd. During an earlier rash of storms, someone had seen a bit of dirt falling and quickly put their junker of a car beneath. A few hours later, the car was buried under rock and dirt. So... this past storm, I saw another junker parked in the same place. I guess people got the idea of cashing out quickly on insurance. I wonder if it works twice.
Pretty funny actually.

Not so funny was a story I read today about a family who lost their house and isn't covered by the insurance company because they don't cover "moving earth". Saturated ground isn't covered in a 'flood' policy? An 'earthquake' policy?
There's gotta be a special place in hell for insurance companies.

Anyway, seeing as we haven't had any earthquake of conversational significance since 2001 (Three that year that we talked about), I think it might be a really good time to refresh the old Earthquake kit. As you who read my blog know, I'm not suspicious. However - I do believe in statistics, and the statistic god is telling us - be ready.

Moving on:
It's 9:41 PM. We're currently waiting for a sci-fi original movie that comes on at 10:00. It was written by one acquaintance, and directed by another. Both from different circles so neither knew we knew the other. The world grows smaller everyday.

Moving on again:
Question for you who may have a memory dating back to the 1980 presidential elections:
I was pretty young, so it's a bit hazy however, my even younger brother recorded this on audio tape so it's not a false memory.
Does anyone remember ABC playing the "Darth Vader march" from The Empire Strikes Back everytime they'd go to a break on election night? This would be the election between Carter and Reagan. What was that about? Some audio engineer having a little fun? An overly prescient feeling?
Anyway, I don't know why that popped into my head after twenty five years, but it did. Let me know if you remember this.

Moving on yet again:
Went to the Bodyworlds2 exhibit at the California Science center. If you don't know what that is, just click on the hyperlink. nuff said.
For those who do know, but have been nervous about going - I recommend it highly. I wasn't sure how I'd react to it. Happily, it was a rather detached feeling. Overall though, I came away marveling once again at what an incredible machine the body is. The exhibit itself, while done under the guise of "science" is a bit full of the "cool factor". I don't think Gunther is fooling anyone, but what the heck, very cool -- and definitely worth the twelve dollar admission price.

OK, getting near showtime.

See ya.