Thursday, June 30, 2005

Think you've seen it all ? - News - Man Pulled From Women's Outhouse Tank

If you haven't heard about this one yet, check it out. This is as close to the story as you can get - video clip included.

Hey Paul, you still think blogs are boring?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

lazy summer day

So, I finished the third draft of the new version of the rewrite of Diamond Road.

This one, I'm going to actually give to a couple friends to read - for notes.

I've spent the last couple days hanging out a bit with friends. A couple in from New York, showing them the town a bit. Actually, since they know the town, I'm showing them things people don't always see when the go to Los Angeles - the mountains, and such.

An evil neighbor of ours lent me a notebook computer - to see if I'd be interested in buying it - It was a great machine, but would represent only a slightly vertical climb from my current machine. However, this set off the great laptop wanderlust of '05. I've been online looking at what the latest greatest offerings are. Whatever I get next, it's gotta be light. This Vaio has been good, but it's so damn heavy. With the battery currently lasting a mere twenty minutes (and that's a new battery), this effectively is not really a portable computer.

Anyone have any ideas on systems they like?
I recently became aware of ASUS notebooks and am quite enamored with them. I think that's the direction I'm heading.

No news on the eviction front - I'm waiting for the axe to drop anyday now. Our landlord (now former, I guess) managed to do one last half-finished job. The main water line between the city and our house broke. It required going through a concrete walk in our backyard and some deconstruction of a little pump enclosure I made. Of course, it's now a huge rubble pile, and I imagine it will remain so till the end of our days here - however many they may be.

Ah well, it's amazing how placid I've become about the whole thing.

Watched Land of the Dead last night. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. Seemed more like a Road Warrior movie than a zombie movie. I guess if I'd gone in with that expectation, I'd be satisfied - it had a enough gore and all - but somehow it didn't have that sense of dread that all the others have managed to lay over you. I'm going to speak blasphemy here but - my favorite zombie movie at the moment is the remake of Dawn of the Dead. How about that?

Have a good weekend and enjoy the longest days of summer.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I felt it

Okay - 1:55
Felt a rolling quake.
Small, very small...

With the last three days of seismic activity, it's getting a bit nervous.

Update -
This one was near Big Bear and measured 5.3
Not nothing, but still not a major quake. It's enough though to prompt testing the flashlight and looking at the water supply.

In looking around for what could need re-situating, things that could fall from shelves, etc. - the only thing I moved was a large glass bottle of Gin.

Priorities, Baby, Priorities.

Friday, June 10, 2005


In the endless search for distraction while writing (I've gotten too good at Minesweeper), I finally installed Firefox. (Yes, Steve - it took a while. You know who you are)
It offers some pretty cool stuff, but the load up is so damn slow.

I really like the extensions, and am writing this really pointless post because of the "blog" extension. Pretty cool.

Hey, anyone remember that movie with Clint Eastwood called Firefox?

Writing continues. A first draft finished, I'm going through the depressing moves of crossing out the crep. Not much left of the original. Screenplays are like the bionic man. Rebuild, faster, stronger, better than before -- unless the patient dies on the table.

More soon.

Hey, in regards to this blogging stuff -- if anyone here knows how to add links to the template without having to actually go into the template settings, let me know.