Friday, October 27, 2006

Just Press Play

Why does a guy in California care?
Because even though it's a big country, it's still ONE country.

Here's the spot that I helped make.
Brian Felsen is the creator and Director.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One of those days

One of those days

The cat was not acting her usual self last night and we then saw some blood on the floor and on the towel she sleeps on. When I attempted to look closely at an area on her stomach that she was licking continuously, she meowed-squawked, and took off for the laundry room. This morning, Marianne got a closer look and saw a nasty gash. A visit to the vet determined it was even deeper than we thought, and would require stitches.
     So now, we are being treated to the pitiful sight of our cat staggering around with a cone-head. She’s freaked, her balance is off, and in pain. Disconcerting, but what can you do?

This evening, I went to bucolic Sierra Madre to help a friend with a political spot. An attempt to do some good, I think it went well. However, I left his house, went out to the quiet, tree lined street to find – no car!
My car was stolen! It’s an odd thing. I actually looked up and down an EMPTY street, to see if I had put it somewhere else, as if I had misplaced the TV remote or something.
This really sucks. We only have one car. It’s not a new car, but it’s our car, our reliable Honda Accord. Or at least it was. For the moment, we’re kinda at a loss.
For those that don’t know, Sierra Madre is like Mayberry. Not a high crime area, to put it mildly.

Singing the song of everybody who has had a car stolen – I hope carma (no I didn’t misspell that) really nails whoever stole my car. And I hope they aren’t chopping it up as I write this.

After filling out the police report, the officer gave me a little card and said they’d call if anything turned up. She gave me her condolences, which was nice, and then – that was it. It’s disheartening to walk out of the police station with just a little card that has a report number and a few other things. Is this all I have now?

The great prescription sunglasses Marianne had just gotten me for my birthday were in the glove compartment too. Damn it.

Anyway, if you live in Connecticut, please vote for Ned Lamont. And if you do, leave a message on this blog. At least it’ll make the stolen car not seem entirely in vain.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Horror Doing Well In October

So, fellow Bucks County writer, Stephen Susco had a great opening with his latest movie, The Grudge 2. Cool! He’s on a real roll; seems like there’s no stopping him. Nice guy – he deserves it. He’s also a writing machine. Pretty humbling, actually.

Also, Texas Chainsaw, the beginning, is still in the top ten also. It was D.P’ed (director of Photography) by Lukas Ettlin, the same guy who D.P’d my movie, The Ghosts of Edendale. I’m guessing he’s enjoying working on movies with more money.

My friend, John Gulugers’ movie, Feast hits DVD this week so – buy a copy, or at least rent it.

And in playing, “how small is the horror film world?” -- John’s mother, Miriam was in Texas Chainsaw III . The Ghosts of Edendale is dedicated to Miriam, who passed away in 2003.

Writing away here as usual. We recently started a writer’s group that’s been pretty helpful. We’ve kept it small, and the people in it are really good; most already have produced credits. It’s been helpful to bounce ideas with them, and is a good reminder that ‘you’re not by yourself’.

Finally, please do us a huge favor: if your local video store doesn’t have The Last Broadcast – the collectors edition, please request it. Or even better – buy it. It’s chock-full of extras, so I promise, you won’t be disappointed.