Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crazy times in the Valley

I am just now catching up on email – flagged at the time of receivership, to be replied to promptly. My gosh, there's nearly a month of responding to catch up on!

The last few weeks have been consumed, spent in a bizarre and sordid world from which I'm still trying to wash off the stench. I think, like all overly-impressive experiences, it will take time. Suffice to say, I was working in a documentary capacity in the world of show business whose production takes place primarily in "the valley". Those who know what that means will, well, know what that means. Those who don't… eh, don't worry about it. You're probably better off.

I will say, (remaining vague while yet attempting to convey my thought) it seems, much of the time, people do end up in the situations they deserve. There are those that, no matter how hard one tries, will always shoot themselves in the foot. They are incapable of escaping the situation they are in; not for wont of chance but simply a lack of vision. No matter how hard one attempts to show them a way, a path, they simply can not comprehend or see it – much less start down it. They see nothing but the most basic of landscape directly in front of their feet, frequently through distorted vision. Nothing can be done and it is best for a sane person to simply walk away.

There may seem to be a certain callousness in these words (if they make any sense at all), a certain lack of social caring, but over the last couple weeks (and year, in general) I have seen that some people simply cannot be, or refuse to be "picked up by the bootstraps." They will cut those straps as soon as they are pulled taut.

On another note, an upbeat note – I have been spending the most delightful time recently with someone that for now, I will only call "S". It's so nice how the day can seem brighter, colors richer, (and any other cheesy hallmark platitude) when you've shared common laughs, thoughts, memories and opinions with someone. It's great when there's that "click".

This weekend, courtesy of a friend of "S" – we will be seeing Il Trittico at the Dorothy Chandler! This atypical opera (actually 3 little operas) has some wild stuff going on in it. One of the three (actually the third of the three), Gianni Schicchi opens with a standard sounding orchestral melody – that is then followed by a bunch of people grumbling and moaning – which then turns into the melody. It's a rather "Russian" sounding start, coming from Mr. Puccini, though the opera itself is a comedic one about greed. Were it truly Russian, it would be a tragedy about greed in which the entire village eventually suffers. And I really am only describing the first few seconds of the opera. It very quickly heads, sonically, "back to Italy."
I've read some preliminary reviews that have lauded this particular production, so I go in with high hopes. Sometimes, opera production can go horribly wrong when directed by "stars". This production is directed by none other than Woody Allen (Gianni Schiacchi) and William Friedkin (Il Tabarro and Suar Angelica). I'm not expecting to see any cleverly-written-kvetching or high-speed car-chases on stage, but I do know they aren't playing the operas entirely straight either. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, onto the email, then to figuring out what the next step in my adventure shall be.