Wednesday, December 15, 2004

my head is like a cathedral

How does that sound to you?

Actually, the sheer EMPTINESS is what is creating that cathedral like reverb inside my noggin. Nothing grand about it at all. Purely empty depression. Oh, not the kind that makes you wonder if the world is worth anything, if our country's going to hell in a hand basket, or will the sun ever come out again. Actually, I haven't wondered about that since I moved from PA.

No, the depression I'm currently undergoing is the type when you're doing nothing. I'm attempting to, but that damn cursor is just blinking blinking blinking...

Just watched a movie tonight called "Love Object". I guy I met, Robert Parigi, made it.
That was depressing. Depressing because it was a good movie, and dammit... I need to make good movies.

Lest I let you'all too deep into my head, I'll change the tune.

As I sit in front of the computer working on one of several screenplays (see paragraph above on blinking cursor), I doodle around on the internet. Way too much. I've taken to turning offf the wireless card on my laptop in order to force myself to work. Of course I turn it on again soon after. Today the router decided to help me out. My once wireless router is now refusing to show that it has any kind of way of transmitting a signal. So - one tech support call later haha, I have an RMA number. The packing slip also lists as needed, a copy of the proof of purchase. Uh - should'nt the registration I made with the company suffice? I don't have the receipt. Sorry.

We'll see how this goes.

I think what really annoyed me the most was that I started really early today with the intent of knocking out a couple great pages. Figuring out that the router was physically (not mentally) dead, blew half the day.
Of course, you see the circular patter here, don't you?

Traffic is beginning to lighten up in L.A. as we approach the holidays. Really makes you realize what a town of transplants it is. Everybody goes "home" for the holidays. Makes you wish there were more holidays.

Tomorrow. I promise not to procrastinate. I promise not to procrastinate.


  1. We just saw the movie last night (thanks to Video Journeys posting of the poster near the front a few weeks ago). As relatively new residents of the hill, a few streets over, it was fun to see our new neighborhood. We already figured out that our little rental guest house had a ghost (female, very benign except for a love of opening closets and doors at odd times) but it was great to learn the history of our neighborhood.

    As a fellow writer, I know the whole fiction thing can be a royal bitch at times. Don't give up. You make good movies and I'm sure you will make more. We really enjoyed the movie.

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  3. This blog was getting real boring, just like G of E, but now that some psyho has started posting comments where every othr word is the "suck" word, how long can it be before Avalos starts production on "The Last BlogCast" ?

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  5. I decided to pull some useless comments. Enough readers thought they had no point, and I thought so too.

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