Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Talked to Lance. He alerted me of a rumor. I googled, I checked. I confirmed.

Robert Altman’s newest movie, “The Prairie Home Companion”, has been tentatively re-titled. What’s the new title, you ask?

Take a guess.

“The Last Broadcast.”

Really. No kidding.

So, journey with me to a potential future typical conversation at a potential future typical party.

“So what do you do”.
“I’m a writer-director.”
“Oh, what have you made?”
“Well, my first movie was “The Game”.
“Really? You know Michael Douglas”?”
“It wasn’t that “The Game” it was another – made a couple years before”.
“Oh. What else?”
“I co-directed a movie called “The Last Broadcast”.
“Really? So you know Woody Harrelson and Garrison Keillor?”
“No, not that “The Last Broadcast”. Mine was about these people who go into the woods with video cameras and die and then a year later the footage is found and a documentary is made…”
“That sounds like –“
“Yes, I know. Mine was made a year before… say, I’m going to go get another drink”.

A few years ago a British band called “The Doves” put out an album called “The Last Broadcast”. That same year, Sheryl Crow put out an album with a song on it called “Diamond Road”. I registered that screenplay way back in 1994.

So, what does it all mean? Eh, probably not much. Just that I need to wrap the tin foil around my head a bit tighter.


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  2. You know what? I sware that some people must be linked to people who can get stuff done. I randomly came across your blog and i f'n love it. Why? I am trying to write a script. Dont know how but according to get shorty any one can write one and it doesnt even have to be spelled correctly. But back on topic, there has been several times i have come up with an idea and close by some one comes up with the same one. I wrote a short horror movie, basic concept was squashed 3 weeks from shooting because Constantine hit theatres and that was the basic proemis. I didnt even read the comics. In High Scool i wrote a cool space short stoy about an astronaut getting lost in space. 6 months later Farscape preimeired on sci-fi chanel. Same basic story.

    well basically once again i love your blog and exspect for me to comment in the future. check out my blog

    take it easy,

  3. I think your next film should be called "Furkle Uddle Foo." No way anybody will steal that.