Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Pre-strike worries:

  1. Concern that the WGA strike will continue, thus strengthening the actor guild's (SAG) resolve and precipitating them to strike in June. Thus, any movie that has SAG actors that is not wrapped by June faces a walk off.
  2. A crappy but realistic concern for not making a movie.
  3. A demoralizing kick in the gut.

Should I only blog when things are good?

Stay on message and all?

I have a friend who does that. No matter what, he's always spinning things into 'really big things are happening'. It's tiring to always hear "the press release" rather than straight-forward truth. It's a show-business thing but man, everyone knows he's 'B.S.ing'.

Well, I'm not up for that today, so screw it. I'll be honest, there are ups and there are downs. Today is a down. The project in its present incarnation just became a casualty of pre-strike worries. That means, rather than push ahead on pre-production, the potential producer decided to wait a couple of months and see. See – as in See ya later.

I've been aware of this very real concern since September, but somehow hoped to avoid it. All the fifteen+ hour days were in hope that we could get rolling in time.


So – as I look at the re-write in progress, cursor blinking patiently… what now?


  1. Sorry about the this awful bit of bad luck. Chin up and keep at it. You never know when things will change. I heard there has been some progress in the writer's strike. Is that true?

  2. Thanks Ariane,

    In regards to the writers - things are in a news blackout right now.
    There are whispers that things are looking up, but they are only rumors.

    Hopefully, something will be announced soon. I'm certainly not the only one that is facing problems right now.

    And hopefully the writers strike will lead to quick and fruitful negotiating for the actors and their contract.

    Even though this is not good for me, I have to remind myself that the issues being striked about are important and will matter in the years to come.

  3. That sucks; I really don't have anything more profound to say about that.
    I did, however, want to say that I watched your previs a few months back and thought that it was pretty cool. I hope that things come around for you soon, good luck.