Tuesday, April 12, 2011


After months of rumors, Final Cut X was announced today at NAB.
Taking the feed from somewhere, I respond...

FINAL CUT PRO X -- people say the new interface looks more like imovie. I think it's starting to look a bit like Avid Media Composer.

1. Crowd is unruly!
Of course, it's an Apple product. Zombies get unruly very easily.

2. Final Cut X is a full rebuild from scratch

3. 64 bit – Crowd: “finally!” “thank you!”
AMEN. About friggin time. Adobe products have been for more than a year.

4. Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, Grand Central Dispatch support

5. The Focus was on image quality
Um, yeah, I guess it kinda should be -- considering it's an EDITING PROGAM!

6. Fully color managed
see above

7. Resolution independent playback/timeline all the way up to 4K
Nice, but I don't really work that way and neither does any pro.

8. Features people detection, single or in groups

9. Non-destructive auto color balance
Yeah, I guess everyone is doing crappy TV these days that has to be churned out fast.

10. Automatic audio cleanup (option to auto noise reduce audio, more)
See above.

11. Features “smart collections”: a lot like the smart folders found in OS X
I have an Assistant Editor. I'm sure he will get a laugh out of that.

12. Editing can start immediately during importing of AVCHD and other media, switches silently to local media as it ingests
I'll believe it when I see it. Again, my AE will have things to say about that.

13. Uses every available cpu cycle to keep things rendered. Also highly scalable.
So I can't update FB while I work???

14. Will even work on a Macbook
yeah. whatever.

15 No interruption for rendering. No transcoding, EVERYTHING native. (incl DSLR footage–assume this means AVC)
So, things will render in shitty quality AND good quality in the same timeline? YAY

16. Presentation received a standing ovation!
Of course it did. See #1.

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  1. jesus...you are one snarky motherfucker!
    (but who here didn't already know that?)