Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Cave

Wow... he lives... a blog entry after more than a year. That's crazy.

Yes, Facebook has decimated the blogging energy that I use to have; not that it was ever that great. Gone are the hours spent writing one post, instead - many small status updates. I fear that I too have an ever-decreasing attention span; a result of non-stop Internet. Well that and how busy I've been over the year.
Much work in TV, a move to a new home, moving in with a new girlfriend - yes, it has been a busy year.

But here I am, doing a quick entry to write about my new Post-Edit suite. Ah, exciting times -- I spent the better part of three months converting, building, hacking, framing, dry walling, etc. to create my dream editing suite.
You can check it out at cavemanpost.com 

Lots of TV, lots of editing and several new projects in the works. After years of avoiding it, I have decided though... to make another horror movie! There you have it: a bit of inside news from me.
I won't say too much about it as I have promised 'the scoop' to a specific magazine writer, and she'd kill me if let slip too much information here. It's still in the early stages but I am excited about it. It's going to be very in-your-face; the title itself will be guaranteed to upset.

Stay tuned...


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