Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm back - a mere two months and change later

Well, I have no idea if anyone is bothering to read this whatsoever.
If someone is, it's more than I deserve. Really.

I'm sure I would rank as a most pathetic 'blogger'.
ya know, I see this whole 'blog' word as being about done. It's a dumb word, attempting to coin an idea which is very very old. Older even then frickin Gutenburg's press.

Come on, I'm writing something and you're reading it. Anne Frank anyone?

Lots and lots of stuff has happened since my last 'blog' (ug) some time in August.
Oct 19th has come and gone. It was an important date for Marianne and myself - the date our little baby, Ghosts of Edendale, would finally be thrown from the nest. Hopefully to fly, and not hit the ground with a wet splat.
Well, it's flying. Better than some birds, not as good as others. I am actually very happy with it. On that Tuesday, we went out to various video stores to see if it was available. It was. We went to retail stores. It was there.
At BestBuy, we found ten odd copies in the horror section. Marianne moved five of them to the new releases, right next to Star Wars.
It's called end capping, we call it pro-active work.

Amazement of all amazements - we're in Walmart! How about that?

Flash forward to present though future blogs will go backwards again. Call it non linear daily or thereabouts blogging.

So, here I am on Halloween night, finally writing a new blog. There is more. Always more to write about. But the buzz of the wine will last only so long. Best to write only what counts most right now.

Please vote on Nov 2nd. I guess that counts most now. I hope you vote the way I am (which is Kerry), but if not, please vote. Otherwise, what's the point of saying you live in a democracy? Doesn't really matter, does it?

What else? Oh yeah - think we may have to move pretty soon - as in pack up your life and move. Funny, the movie gets done and out there, and instead of being able to sleep in late - we're looking at having to start all over again. Isn't that interesting? Ha fucking ha.

Having come from a rather rural part (I realize now) of the east coast, I was used to a place where things didn't change too rapidly. There's something really nice about that - stagnant - feeling. A little sarcasm? Less then you think. There is something nice about it.

Marianne and I have taken to calling L.A. "Dark City". For those of you who haven't seen the movie, "Dark City" is a place that changes from day to day. Nobody sees it but the protaganist. It's a great movie (the good arty version of "The Matrix"). In reality, it's a bit disconcerting. From day to day, we see friends, places, homes, etc. simply vanish.
A mere four years in one place, and we're the old timers.

And now, it seems, is our turn to walk into the tundra.

Went to a 'hill' Halloween party. If you've seen "Ghosts of Edendale" then you know about the 'hill' parties.
Lots of the usual suspects - always great to hang with. Met a new couple Samantha and Johnny. Samantha is a writer. Johnny was a scrappy dude who looked like he'd just been in a fight. He had, it turns out - with Ice Cube. Johnny's an actor. Just wrapped "xxx state of the union" with Willem Dafoe, Sam Jackson, et al.
Hey, check him out -
Johnny is the bad guy, it seems.

AFM (the American Film Market) starts this week, right after the election. It's the most important market for film, along with Cannes... So, for a week, Santa Monica will be more of a snake pit then usual. Time to don the gear and jump in.

Maybe I'll have some super cool news to tell you afterwards, or even during.

Till then...
Over an out.

Psst - actually, I promise that I will have a couple good AFM stories. I guarantee it.


  1. Hi Stefan! I bought G of E on the day it came out. And I have devoured the DVD. I love the extras, very informative, and it reflects just how much a labor of love this movie must have been for both of you. IMHO I still like Broadcast better, simply because it is a little more creepy in the woods thing. But I definitely feel that it was worth the price, so thank you.
    And although it may only be me, I am happy to read your blog (and no I don't think it is beyond it's time (blogging), rather that it will be how everyone knows about us in the future, not unlike Anne Franke)
    I was in LA on Saturday (we went to the Queen Mary in LB)and I totally agree with your Dark City comparison, although I have yet to see any pasty white bald men running around or giant clocks.
    I think that you and I agree on the disaster that was November 2nd. Oh well like Al Franken said, all we can do is fight harder, right?
    Finally a quick bio question. I am currently dying to go to some sort of Film School. I all but began a digital video accelerated class, but I was told that would not get me into the "biz". I really don't care about the biz, I want to make Docs and an occasional movie for myself. Do you have any advice? I am particularly interested in becoming a DP and writing, if I get to direct ever then whoopee! thanks for your time.
    James in SAN DIEGO

  2. Dear Stefan:

    Why are you packing up and leaving beautiful sunny california? I would think with another movie under your belt you would stay and keep moving forward.

    You remind me of a young Steven Spielberg. He was full of hopes and dreams and ideas as a young man. Much like yourself. You should stay. You never know you could be the next...

    I like your writing style. I like the things I have seen and heard about you.

    Stick around...

  3. Bye the bye... one last thought, more people are watching your work and listening to you than you are aware of.


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