Monday, August 23, 2004

They're heeerrre

Yes, the DVD's have finally arrived!
Warner was taking forever to ship boxes of them to us, which was freaking us out - since we have to send them to reviewers, and such.
Seeing them, boxes of them, is an incredible experience. Years of work, finally, for honest god, really happening.
And they are beautiful. I'm not just saying that because I'm the proud Pappa either. It really is a good looking box, as is the disc.

Oh, boy I hope people like it. We've worked so hard on it... though that alone doesn't mean anything in the end.

Also got new sandals (teva, thank you very much) and a replacement keyboard for this laptop - which I was able to replace in about 3 minutes. Ah, thanks for easy things once in a while, Sony.

Now, I go back to work on poster signing and promotion of our movie.


  1. stefan,
    best of luck on the dvd sales. I hope they go amazingly. Didn't get to see GoE when it played in Bucks Co, I was out in Scranton on the Head Trauma set and was too exhausted to travel down with Mark and Reinier. Hope things continue to go well.

    I started a new film, but have to do some recasting. The skeleton of the site is up at

    tom quinn

  2. Good luck with the sales, I hope it all goes well for you. I have seen a few of your films over here in the UK and thought that they were great.

    I hope that you continue to make good films.


  3. Good show Stefan.

    I think your movie site cover man is fantastic...can't recall seeing the box art or not, but if you used the same iconic deadman, it should rock.

    Belive it or not...I just sent you a long email, and forgot to place my companies link.

    Take a look see. The film I starred in--Living Dead World--is fully complete, but its own site is under construction...but it will be up soon.

    Good luck at the festival.

    --Michael Reed

  4. I'll be expecting my DVD in the mail shortly after you read this (hehehe). Good luck with the rentals and sales!

    -- Tony in Chalfont --

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