Friday, August 06, 2004

No quake - HA!

So, "Ha" says I. "HA"

No quake as I dreamt, which proves, uh, nothing that hasn't been proven a million times before.

Got a comment from a previous thought! wow, cool. Somebody is actually reading this.
Thanks James!

He brings up just what I think a lot of film people (who tend to be democrats) think: "If I want to be scared, I'll go to the movies. This damn government is taking the fun out of horror".

The whole Tom Ridge, Bush, Cheney thing has really made 'Dr. Strangelove' seem kinda quaint. I liked Peter Sellers better than anyone, and even George C Scott, with all his crazy evilness, didn't seem half as evil as Cheney.

Strangelove was B/W. This is all sorts of shades of color. Too bad though there are still no shades of gray.

Movie promo talk: Our contest is coming together. We're about to go online with it, which means that the next couple weeks will be all about promoting a "Win a trip to Haunted Hollywood" contest.
It will be cool, and whoever wins will have a good time. We just want to make sure that the contest translates into rentals/buys of our DVD. Afterall, that is the point.
So - no purchase nesessary but it would help you out a whole lot more if you can pore through the DVD in great detail. Ha. Gotcha!

The has a funny story about how the CIA is unhappy with George Bush's personal blog. Seems he's giving up too many national secrets.

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