Friday, August 20, 2004

Rolling our own

Packaging posters, that's what Friday nights are all about.
Marianne and I are fulfilling poster requests for the movie. We've figures we can fit about twenty in one tube. So everything is in twenties. If somebody requested 30 - hey - they'll probably get 40.

It's cool to be cutting into the stack of posters. It also makes you realize what the numbers are really like. A number, like 40 or 50 means a lot more when each of those posters has to be signed.

The keyboard on this computer is behaving oddly. It's a laptop, means expensive keyboard. I ordered a new one today. Of course, once I did, the problems went away.
Hope it's not a viral thang of some sort. 6666666666 yup, the six works now. ---------- as does the dash. They weren't earlier on.

Hey, have you told your friends about my movie yet? You haven't? Well, what are you waiting for. It's "The Ghosts of Edendale" and it's coming out on October 19th.

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