Tuesday, August 03, 2004

quick dopey "gotta put this down on paper"

Okay, I'm an atheist. In case you didn't know and but somehow cared.

That said -- I had a dream about two months ago, that stuck.

Earthquake in Los Angeles on August 4th.
I had to write this down before the day cause - well, if something did happen, I could point to this and say a HA!

And, if nothing happens, then I can point to this and say A HA!

It's been said. So let it be.

Over and out.


  1. I have re-occuring dreams about tornadoes and airplane crashes, not to mention roller coaster rides that end in tragedy. I make it a point to tell everyone when I have one of those dreams, just in case a plane falls on me, a tornado sweeps me away or I fall out of a rollercoaster car. Then I can say HA, see I told you.

    Are you really an Atheist?

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