Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I am a geek and I can't beat it

So, I'm going all over the www trying to promote the movie in whatever way possible. A stop at www.indieclub.com's message board has me going back and forth with somebody about the merits of one video camera vs another.

And I'm getting into it. Jesus, Marianne better get back soon. I'm reverting to irc style warring all over again -- about -- whether 24p is better than 30.

God help me. I'm a geek.

But I am right.

In other news - the Warner machine has begun rolling. Good, finally. When it goes though, not much will stop it, I'm guessing. I am over the star struckness of the whole thing. They are just another distributor. It is completely amazing though to see it go into action.

Gotta get another movie in the pipe.


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