Saturday, August 07, 2004


Damn it!

Ghosts of Edendale is rated a 4.2!??! on In spite of the fact that the movie has a majority of scores over 6, including a bunch of tens, three, count them 3 bad scores has driven the movie into the ground?

How is this possible? What kind of a "Weighting" system are they using? This is really killing me, because it could directly affect my bottom line. It's no mere trivial game. This is my life!

So, if you read this - even if you HAVEN't seen my movie, please help me out. Hey, after you see it, if you hate it, you can change the score... but at least you'll have a better chance of actually seeing it.

Thanks from a frustrated Stefan Avalos

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  1. That's IMDB for ya... Their system is kafkaesque, and if you complain, they won't help and even won't explain. I made a film COUP (DARBE) ( about the Turkish military coups; the film's won all sorts of awards and gotten great reviews. We also get a few threatening letters and criticism from people with an axe to grind (about Armenia, Islam, the Kurdish problem, American involvement, etc., etc.) who haven't even seen the film. Look at IMDB and you'll see that the vast majority of people voted 9 and 10 for the film; two people gave it a 1 (probably haven't seen it) - and it's "weighted average" (whatever that means, using their secret formula) is a 5.6! So Stefan - I was equally frustrated and peeved - and then I realized that there's squat I can do except hope that kinder people go through their byzantine registration process and review it well, and that the weighted average doesn't hurt my pocket too much, and just try and get the word out about the film as much as possible.
    Damn indeed!